L 1B Visa : Specialized Intracompany Transferees

The spouse and children of the primary beneficiary will be eligible for the derivative L-2 status, thereby allowing eligible family members to enter the United States. Additionally, the primary beneficiary’s spouse will be eligible to apply for employment authorization and anyone with L-2 status will be allowed to attend U.S. schools. Great immigration lawyer, very professional, knowledgeable and experienced.
An L-1 non-immigrant visa is approved for one year instead of seven or five years. The article below provides a brief overview of what the L1B visa requirements are looking for and what documents are usually submitted for each requirement. To qualify, a number of facts to demonstrate the eligibility of each individual applying for L-1 status must be proven.
The final version will be made available once it has been approved by OMB. Revision and extension of the USA – L-1 Visa form under this act will be done after receiving all the approvals. The current arrangement meets only the requirements of applying through the official website of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. You are required to set up an account on the website before filling the form. The duties performed by the employee are not considered to be labor for hire by the unaffiliated employer.
L-1B currently demands a one-year prior relationship within the preceding three years, but the H-1B doesn’t require any pre-existing relationship. Employers must be, or plan to be, in business as an employer in the United States and at least one other country. As an L-1b you are approved to work only for your employer not any other company.
The transferring employee may bring a spouse and any unmarried dependent children under the age of 21, upon approval of their L-2 visa application. If a Chinese or Indian national, then time the filing of the cap case to ensure the beneficiary can have indefinite extensions of stay in H-1B status after the seventh year in L-1A status, or fifth year in L-1B status. Have “specialized knowledge” and be coming to the U.S. in a specialized knowledge capacity. Be doing business in the U.S. as an employer and at least one qualifying foreign related entity but also be doing business for the duration of the L1B. Based in Woodbury, our immigration attorneys work with employees and companies in the Twin Cities and throughout the globe. We welcome you to contact The Law Firm of Craig J. Peterson L.L.C. for assistance with your immigration matter.
If the L2 dependents cannot work if the L1B visa has expired or is no longer valid, they will not be able to do so. The most basic definition of the L1B Visa is that it is a non-immigrant visa for people who want to work in the United States and perform professional tasks. The L1B Visa allows foreign nationals to enter the United States as expert knowledge employees for their employers in the U.S.
L-1B nonimmigrants may have “dual intent,” meaning they may seek to pursue permanent residency in the United States while otherwise maintaining their L-1B status. An L-1B can be approved for up to a 3-year period and can be extended for an additional 2 years, for a total stay of 5 years. If l-1b visa -1 employer meets the employer eligibility requirements for the H-1B visa and is willing to sponsor the change of status, it is possible to migrate from L-1 to H-1B.
The L-1 visa is especially useful for business owners and immigrant entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, expand their existing business, or “test the waters” of doing business in the U.S. without a big investment. One can simply form a subsidiary or affiliate in the U.S. or open a new office and start transferring foreign employees under he L-1 visa. No minimum investment and no set number of employees must be hired, however, the company has to show that after one year the company can support the activities of the L-1 visa holder. The foreign corporation must be a trading/operating corporation, not merely and investment corporation.