Types of Orgasms: How To Have 10 Different Female Orgasms

Another newer type of sex toy, called clitoral stimulators, can be great for clitoral orgasms as they use suction instead of vibration, says sex therapist Indigo Stray Conger, LMFT, CST, who practices at Mile High Psychotherapy. The most popular toy in this category is The Womanizer. A G-spot orgasm feels like an overwhelming experience of intense pleasure, not as “sharp” as a clitoral orgasm, but rather more “round,” “expansive,” and “expanded.” However, the experience of many women, my experience as a sex coach, and the ancient science of Tantra, all prove that women can actually experience many distinct and different types of orgasms. The most popular orgasm, and a favorite for most women, is the clitoral orgasm. Stimulating the clitoris is often the only way some women can cum, whether it’s from oral sex, grinding against a partner’s pelvis, manual stimulation, or using a toy.
Reptiles have penetrative sex and presumably would benefit from orgasms just as much as mammals, but I don’t think anyone has ever tried to detect the female orgasm in a crocodile or a snake. Most other vertebrates use external fertilisation; the female deposits her eggs and the male squirts them with sperm. It’s hard to see how this would trigger an orgasm in even the most excitable female. Those invertebrates that practise internal fertilisation don’t have enough of a nervous system for pleasure and orgasm to be meaningful labels.
The best sex happens when we’re in our bodies and out of our heads. We’re not second guessing ourselves, what to do, or what the other person is thinking. You surrender fully into them, as well as to your primal impulses – acting from passion rather than a manual. You both feel completely free to fully be yourselves, knowing that you’ll never be judged for anything you do, say, or desire. If we can drop our egos, ask, listen, and be willing to be teachable, our confidence and pleasure levels will shoot through the roof in no time at all.
Response in the woman would then be a reward to the man; i.e. it would make sex more pleasurable for him. Thus, a pair bond based on caring, sensitivity, and pleasure is mediated at least partially by female orgasm. Female orgasm then may have evolved as a mechanism of mate choice, ensuring that a woman’s long-term partner is sensitive to her needs and thus more likely to be a good provider for their offspring. Other theories of female orgasm include the idea that muscular contractions during orgasm may help draw sperm into the uterus.
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It is almost always accompanied by ejaculation of seminal fluid. As ejaculation occurs, a series of contractions are accompanied by pleasant sensations. Although these questions seem rudimentary, the phenomenon of orgasm has been extensively studied.
Some women, like Amy, feel guilt and other negative emotions about not being able to consistently orgasm, which is totally normal, albeit distressing. “Trauma causes a dissociative response, which means the mind and body become disconnected,” Jamea said. “In situations where vulnerability and trust are necessary, fear can take over, resulting in a similar dissociative response. In other words, it can result in someone freezing up.” Be focused on your partner and yourself and be fully aware that the two of you are unique and perfect people, and that this moment may never happen again. That’s why it needs to be fully used, excluding everything that is not related to what is happening between the two of you. There is nothing beyond the two of you, only you and your pleasure.